B2B Services

Efficient and reliable visa application center
Rustravel is a Finnish travel agency and visa application center that offers the easiest way to obtain a visa for individual and business travelers. We have clients from all over the world and through 15 years of experience, we are committed to making the process as straightforward and effortless as possible for the traveler.
As an example, you can easily order a visa to Russia using our online service. There you can simply select the visa you need and if you want us to fill the visa application and provide the invitation for you, we are happy to do so.
From the beginning, we have specialized in visas to Russia and the post-Soviet states in Central Asia, Eurasia, Southern Caucasus and East-Central Europe. Currently, our expert knowledge also covers visas to China, Mongolia, India, and Thailand.
We specialize in travel arrangements to Russia and other CIS countries
We have extensive experience in providing services to both leisure and business travelers for their trips to Russia and other CIS countries.
Most of these countries are safe to travel to, but if you are not familiar with visiting there, you might face some unpleasant surprises. We will make your trip safe and well organized. We take care of transportation arrangements, provide suitable tour guides and interpreters, reserve meeting and conference facilities, plan and arrange guided tours and evening programs. Our vast network of local partners provides for efficient and reliable travel services.
Send your application to us, and we will take care of the rest
The last things you need when planning your trip are headaches and stress. Waiting for your trip should be a pleasant and exciting time for you, and you should not have to worry about missing anything.
Our online service makes it easy to order visas, and we navigate you through the consular world and the quagmire of bureaucracy. We work in close cooperation with embassies and are always aware of the latest changes in visa regulations. Just ask us for assistance and you can sleep peacefully before your trip.
We serve corporate and private clients all over the world
Our aim is to provide the best possible travel solutions for both corporate and private clients from all over the world. With our trusted delivery partners we are capable of offering smooth visa services globally. We co-operate with DHL, UPS, FedEx, HRX and with our Finnish partners Posti and Matkahuolto. Our courier delivery works reliably in Helsinki region, Finland, Nordic Countries and worldwide. You can count on our experienced staff of visa experts to help you get your visas in time.
Only correctly-filled and complete applications are accepted
We enjoy good working relationships with all consulates and embassies. Therefore, we know that embassies workers are loaded with complex systems, regulations, rules and laws. Their hands are tied with incomplete applications so they can only deal with applications that are correct and entirely processed. They simply do not have the authority to make exceptions or time to do extra work. To avoid extra hassle with consulates and unpleasant surprises or visa refusals to travelers, we are committed to getting the job done right the first time.
Our current services
Our visa application center provides expediting services for all types of travel visas and only charges a small service fee. Our visa services include: Russian visa, Azerbaijan visa, Belarus visa, Kazakhstan visa, Armenian visa, Mongolian visa, Chinese visa, Thailand visa and Indian visa.
We also organize and tailor trips for both groups and individuals to suit all needs.
We always have time to assist and help you
You are welcome to use our online services or simply contact us by phone or email.
Our staff members will thoroughly answer your questions or connect you further to an expert on your particular issue.
We are well-known for our friendly customer service and for paying attention to the needs of our clients.
The quickest way to contact us is by calling +358 403507428 or sending an email to us at info@rustravel.fi.
If you are in Finland, welcome to visit our office in Helsinki.