Exhibition ARCH MOSCOW brings  together  leading  Western and  Russian participants of the international architectural community already for 20 years.
The careful selection of exhibitors, delicate curatorial work and elaborated program turn the exhibition in a big cultural event.
ARCH Moscow is the best platform for establishing business contacts in the field of architecture, design, development and construction.

Target audience
Architects, designers, decorators;
Construction sector;
Customers of architectural projects;
Customers of design-projects;
Government sector;

As the leading platform for professional events, ARCH Moscow 2016 offered over 80 business events on 7 discussion sites. Jean Louis Deniot, Christopher Pierce, Sergey Kuznetsov, Evgeny Asse, Andrey Gnezdilov,  Vera Butko, Anton Nadtochy,  Ilya Zalivuchin, Julia Burdova, Olga Aleksakova,  Phillip Moser, Barbara Lemann, Wanda Jelmini, Magnus Månsson.