Heat and gas supply

  • Heating and hot water supply systems
  • Heat and power engineering equipment, heat exchangers, radiators
  • Steel and Iron water boilers and equipment 
  • Pump installations, pipes, piping reinforcement, locking and regulating equipment for heating network
  • Repairing materials and equipment
  • Electric heating equipment

Energy and resource saving  

  • Energy saving in heating network
  • Energy efficient equipment and energy effective technologies
  • Environment friendly waste disposed, waste processing for energy generation
  • Resource-saving technologies and equipment. Environment protection equipment
  • Meters for heat, water, gas and their equipment

Water supply and extraction

  • Water treatment, water-supply, water extraction and sewerage technologies and equipment
  • Pumps and pump installations
  • Pipes, piping reinforcement, shut-off and regulating equipment for water-supply
  • Sanitary machinery. Purifying constructions 
  • Natural, table, mineral, spring and eco- water. Bottled water

Ventilation systems and conditioning

  • Air-conditioners (automobile, home)
  • Ventilation and fans (domestic fans, ventilation installation, air duct)
  • Heaters (infra-red heaters, fireplaces, halogen heaters, convector heaters, fan heaters)
  • Air humidification, dehumidification, purification, ionization (air cleaners, humidifiers, ionizers)

Electric power supply. Lighting engineering

  • Electrical networks and power supply installations
  • Power plants, technologies and equipment for power supply
  • Electro technical, distributing panel-boarded equipment and units
  • Cables, wires, installation equipment, switchgear. Wiring equipment
  • Street lighting, traffic lights

Maintenance and operation of housing sector. Sanation. Repair.  

  • Reconstruction, repair and maintenance of residential buildings, equipment, technology
  • Construction materials, hydraulic, electrical and thermal insulation, sound-absorbing materials, roofing, cladding materials, paints, sealants, scaffolding, formwork, tools
  • Lift facilities. Elevator supervisory system control and communications
  • Life-support systems of residential buildings, ventilation, air conditioning, fire protection, smoke alarm, video surveillance, monitoring and access control
  • Cleaning equipment and services. Clothing, footwear, uniform

Municipal and road building machinery

  • Machinery for road and sidewalk cleaning, repairing and disposal of solid waste
  • Maintenance of parks and yards
  • Crane and lifting equipment. Drilling technology. Mobile compressor stations
  • Repair, service, supplies, equipment for machinery
  • Rent and lease of machinery