Exhibition Sections:

  • Full line of paints and varnishes that is launched based on different filming agents including powder material and coatings, paintwork material with special qualities, materials for woodworking, glues
  • Raw material for all kinds of paintwork material: pigments, solvents, fillings, filming agents, stabilizers, additives and other chemicals
  • Equipment for paintwork material manufacturing and coatings
  • Equipment for paint materials applying
  • Equipment for color matching
  • Metering equipment
  • Washing equipment
  • Accompanying chemical equipment
  • Measure and control equipment
  • New technologies and research and development applied in the sphere
  • Containers and packing

"Surface Treatment. Antirust Protection". 
International Specialized Salon:

  • Equipment and materials for preparing and treatment of surface
  • Technologies of modern surface treatment
  • Modern methods of protection against corrosion