Mongolian Visa

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Mongolian Visa
Mongolian consulate issues visas only for citizen from OECD member countries.

Required documents for visa: 

-1 passport photo 
-Visa application 
-Original valid passport (Passport has to be valid for six (6) months after the end of the trip)


Download visa application here: Visa Application form

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When applying for visa, you can send all the required original documents to us or visit our offices!



Types of visa, processing time and visa requirements:

SINGLE-ENTRY (tourist visa-valid for 30 days)

Handling time: *
1 working day  145€
5 working days 115€
7 working days  105€

Visa is valid for three (3) months from the day it is issued. Therefore it is not necessary to state an exact date for entering the country. The right to stay in the country begins when crossing the border.

TRANSIT (valid for 10 days)

Handling time:
1 working day 110 €
5 working days 95 €
7 working days  90 € 

DOUBLE-TRANSIT (valid for 2 x 10 days)

Handling time:
1 working day 175 €
5 working days 145 €
7 working days 135 €

In order to get a transit visa, you must have a copy of your travel tickets and visas to both China and Russia.


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